Globe Mills

  • Hartley Property Group
  • Bridge Street, Slaithwaite
  • £3m

Project Overview

The refurbishment of a mill established in 1887 as worsted-spinning mill.

The site is divided by a public road and was historically developed in stages. A detached boiler house, chimney and offices built between the road and the Huddersfield Narrow canal in 1887. The main mill is five storeys, has thirty-three bays, and a central engine house and rope race. The project is to redevelop Globe Mills as a sustainable mixed use site which complements the historic village centre.

The top 3 floors of the mill will form part of the ‘Globe Innovation Centre” which will support ‘Incubator units’, a flexible internal model of office spaces for small starter units. The lower floors are aimed at owners of local businesses, cafes, and independent shops. The Artisan Hall is intended to be a platform for local arts and crafts.

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